The Elite Gymnastics team is a USAG competitive program with reasonable hours and realistic goals, with positive reinforcement!  Our coaching staff is qualified and passionate about gymnastics! 

Our competitive team is by invitation only; if you are interested in scheduling a tryout, please contact the gym office. 
Junior Olympic Program (the level 2-10 system)

The JO program is designed to challenge kids through designed, structured progressions to try and get kids to the highest possible levels of gymnastics. The JO program is more commitment, stricter requirements, and is by invite only.


Xcel is designed for the kids that want a competitive experience and may not have the time to commit to the JO program. These athletes may also chose to take a less competitive approach to the sport at the beginning while developing as gymnasts. This program is also an option for kids that were in the JO program and due to the strict requirements in that program decided to pursue other options in gymnastics. The benefits include less time commitment, less money and more flexibility in requirements allowing broader participation. There can be mobility to the JO program if the athlete chooses and meets the requirements.